Mit dem SL MN 28 fing alles an...

What started in 2001 as a hobby with only one Truck, quickly developed into a successful company that today contains 46 trucks, several trailers, and about 42 employees in the main business area of transport with Tautline-trailers.

Basis for this positive development is a motivated workforce and a modern fleet with an innovative technical equipment That fits all the requirements of our modern needs.

Our fleet uses a modern communication technology that secures a fast tracking and monitoring of the vehicles. 

A fast data exchange via internet supported data communication ensures short information channels between customers and drivers.

Our total neutral fleet meets the strict European environmental standards Euro5. This ensures an environmentally friendly transport of the goods.

Continuously education and training keeps our drivers up to date with current professional knowledge. Especially in the areas of dangerous goods transport, vehicles and cargo security, and eco-driving, the ongoing education secures safe and economical transportation. 


Customer orientation, customer satisfaction, inventiveness, punctuality and a high degree of confidence are the basis of our success.

Our high quality standard insures that your transport assignments are in the best hands.